Dav Poindexter

Dav Poindexter

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“In the early days of the cosmos, the Ancients spoke of a Prophecy. A traveler from the East would come, a Savior trained in mystical healing arts. His arrival would spark a new renaissance, and era of spiritual growth and knowledge. All creatures would flourish and prosper in his wake.

But the Ancients were wrong. Misinterpreted, the Prophecy was. The traveler arrived, but instead learned the evil arts of blood, metal and magic. Thru old tomes and teachings from the Masters, his abilities and power grew. Breathing new life into the old, creating images where there once were none, and helping to erase the errors of old, he used his sorcery to captivate the people. They proclaimed their devotion and willingly gave their penance.

Instead of a Savior, they received an Overlord. The Mercenary Doombringer, surrounded by his Generals of the Apocalypse, ushered in an Age of Darkness and Color, salvation through sin, beauty through pain…..”

-excerpt from the Book of Excess 6:1-4

Specialties: Illustrative, Color Work, Talking, Coffee

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